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Carefully selected, our designers bring a deep understanding of the world of furniture to their designs from concept to execution. With their expertise we’re able to bring our very best from our company to your home.

About David Miedema

David Miedema has been creating furniture designs for over forty years. During that time, he has worked with prestigious manufacturers and garnered much recognition and success. David graduated from the Kendall School of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an institute celebrated for its furniture design program. Mr. Miedema has worked with some of the continent’s premiere furniture makers such as Mersman, Bassett and Lexington. He has created furniture for every room of the house and many of his products are recognized as classics in the industry to this day. With the success of his designs, he was appointed as Director of Design for American Signature Incorporated where he contributed greatly to the growth of the organization as a manufacturer and retailer of home furnishings. Today, David Miedema runs his own design firm, Designs International, based in Smith Mountain Lake,Virginia.