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Carefully selected, our designers bring a deep understanding of the world of furniture to their designs from concept to execution. With their expertise we’re able to bring our very best from our company to your home.

About Davide Tonizzo

Davide Tonizzo is a mash up. Born in Toronto, he is schooled as an engineer. His early years in design took place styling cars for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ferrari and Lancia in Italy. During many trips to Milan he wandered through the streets of San Babila admiring the diverse furniture collections of its showrooms. Thus began a love affair with this product genre also. Today Davide practices industrial design in Toronto has a diverse portfolio of work encompassing transportation products, home décor, contract and residential furniture, ceramics, bath wares and handbags. He has won numerous awards for his work including 2 Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Awards. Davide’s projects feature regularly in international design media. The last few years he has also branched out into film making, creating promotional videos for his clients and short vignettes on the design world.